Summary of Dubai Plan 2021

The People 

Have a feeling of responsibility 

Have an active, productive, and innovative role in all aspects of the society and economy 

A city of happy, creative & empowered people 


The Society 

Celebrates diversity  

Develops by harnessing talent, skill and creativity  

Understands the importance of the family  

Is inclusive of all vulnerable groups 

An Inclusive & Cohesive Society 


The Experience 

Outstanding educational, health, and housing services  

Cultural and entertainment options that cater to local residents and attracts tourists 

The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit 


The Place 

Fully connected and integrated infrastructure that ensures easy mobility for all residents and tourists 

Uses clean energy sources and protects natural resources such as soil, water, and air 

Promotes sustainable consumption 

A Smart & Sustainable City 


The Economy 

A sustainable economic model driven by innovation and productivity in capital and labor 

Supported by the most business friendly environment  

A Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy 


The Government 

People’s satisfaction with government services and policies 

A Pioneering and Excellent Government