My father’s father opened International General Store in Dubai in 1968. He sold fragrances, watches, hair cream and other things.

When he died, in 1984, the store closed. On it’s 50th year anniversary, I wished to reopen it as a post contemporary concept, with the Dubai Plan 2021 in mind.  


The 1st 2 spaces that were meant to host the reopening didn’t work out, and an investment in a space at d3 wasn’t working out, so with the help of Friends and the team, attempted to repurpose it to General: café – content – public space - store. We ‘opened’ in Ramadan 2017 with the Precious Trust debut, It was beautiful, al7mdla.  


Since then, we’ve been working with our friends, hosting the community, and attempting to sustainbly bloom our social enterprise. 


Rami Farook